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Allergen Monitoring Service

Our Allergen Monitoring Service can help you to assess the efficacy of your control measures in protecting against exposure to major allergens in the workplace. Monitoring for allergens can also be used to inform risk assessments and identify high risk activities.


We offer routine assays for the measurement of the following:


Mouse urinary protein (mus m 1) - UKAS accredited to ISO 17025

Rat urinary protein (rat n 1) - UKAS accredited to ISO 17025

Guinea pig albumin

Rabbit ory c 1


Proteases including a specific assay for Subtilisin Carlsberg - a protease with an occupational exposure limit in many countries including the UK


Fish (cod/haddock and salmon parvalbumin)

Shellfish (tropomyosin)

Wheat flour amylase inhibitor

Soya trypsin inhibitor

Flour DustCrab01

Our expertise in the area often allows us to measure for allergens that are not listed here, so please contact us to discuss your personal requirements. For current prices, please view our price list.


Why use HSL for allergen monitoring?

  • Highly sensitive and specific immunoassays developed for quantifying airborne allergen levels
  • Fully automated analysis of samples
  • Fast turnaround times with secure and confidential reporting of results
  • Appropriate filters available for personal/static sampling
  • Wipe kits available for surface contamination sampling
  • Appropriate transportation kits supplied
  • Advice, expertise and ongoing customer support
  • ISO:9001 accredited laboratory
  • In house experts in occupational hygiene, respiratory protection and ventilation
  • Close partnerships with LAA specialists
  • Access to past anonymized results for benchmarking purposes


We are continuously improving assays and developing new assays for the measurement of various allergens.

If you would like to request analysis or require further information please contact the Allergen Monitoring Service Manager (Telephone: 0203 028 3383).

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