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HSE Chemicals Regulation Division

Plant Protection Products and Biocides Training and Events

Following the fast-changing developments and escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, we have taken the decision to postpone all of our face-to-face training and events until further notice.

The Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) is considering hosting future events on the topics listed in the table below, subject to there being a sufficient level of interest. To register your interest, please email our events team at .

Event Express Interest
Two Day Efficacy Workshop: The presentation and interpretation of Efficacy trials data in Biological Assessment Dossiers Express Interest in Efficacy Workshop
New - One Day Ecotoxicology Workshop: Assessing endocrine disruption for pesticides and biocide applications Express Interest in One Day Ecotoxicology Workshop
Two Day Ecotoxicology Higher Tier Risk Assessment Workshop Express Interest in Two Day Ecotoxicology Higher Tier Risk Assessment Workshop
New - One Day Disinfectants Workshop Express Interest in Disinfectants Workshop
Article 43 Seminar Express Interest in Article 43 Seminar
New - Biopesticides Workshop Express Interest in Biopesticides Workshop
Two Day Biocides Efficacy Workshop Express Interest in Two Day Biocides Efficacy Workshop
New - Methods of Analysis Workshop Express Interest in Methods of Analysis Workshop
One Day Biocides for Beginners Workshop Express Interest in Biocides for Beginners Workshop

Bespoke Training for Individual Organisations

In addition to running our general training programme, CRD also offers bespoke training for individual organisations on both technical and procedural matters. The main benefit to the delivery of bespoke training is that the training is specifically tailored to meet your organisation's individual needs and enables you to address specific problem areas that are relevant to your organisation. This training can be delivered at our offices in York, or at a location of your choice.

CRD has previously organised the following bespoke training events for various organisations and Member States:

  • Co-ordination & Procedures
  • Physical/Chemical Properties
  • Fate &Behaviour
  • Consumer Risk Assessment & Residues
  • Operator Exposure
  • Dermal Absorption

If you would be interested in discussing the possibility of CRD providing your organisation with a tailor-made training programme, or if you would simply like us to deliver an existing training programme at your office, please contact Jon Winfield by emailing .

In accordance with our financial remit, HSE has to recover costs for the work it delivers. Consequently, a charge would have to be made for the preparation and delivery of the training, and any associated travel and subsistence costs.

Please note that CRD will not be able to provide advice on specific application work as part of the bespoke service. Such queries should be dealt with in the usual manner.

Date Event Proposed Location Further Information
7th September 2016

Introduction to Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment for Plant Protection Products

This one-day workshop will provide an introduction and overview to most areas of ecotoxicological risk assessments. The event will be specifically designed for registration specialists involved in the preparation and submission of Plant Protection Products dossiers to CRD.

York, UK Registration Closed
14th September 2016
12th/13th October 2016

Two Day Workshop on Technical Fate and Behaviour Assessment of Plant Protection Products

The course will provide a practical introduction to the main Fate Exposure tools available for soil, surface water and groundwater. This will include practical introductions to the FOCUS groundwater and surface water models for example.
UK specific regulatory requirements in this area will also be covered (e.g. to assess the drainflow and spray drift routes of surface water exposure). An update on future regulatory developments in the field will also be provided. The course is aimed at people with a basic working knowledge of fate who wish to develop their expertise in this area.

York, UK Registration Open for Technical Fate and Behaviour Assessment of Plant Protection Products
29th/30th November 2016
1stNovember 2016

Technical Equivalence Workshop

This one day workshop will provide training via a series of presentations and practical sessions to support technical equivalence applications to CRD in accordance with Regulation EC 1107/2009. The workshop will address Chemistry (Tier 1) and Toxicology (Tier 2) in line with current guidance SANCO/10597/2003 rev. 10.1. Please note that the workshop will not include ecotoxicological assessments.

York, UK Registration Open for Technical Equivalence Workshop

3rdNovember 2016

16th/17th November 2016

Two Day Efficacy Workshop

This course will provide an overview of all aspects of writing efficacy dossiers including Biological Assessment Dossiers (BADs) and draft Registration Reports (dRRs) to address European efficacy data requirements under the regulation (EC 1107/2009).

York, UK Registration Open for Efficacy Workshop
11th/12th January 2017
7th/8th February 2017
7thDecember 2016

Plant Protection Products and Active Substances - The Current Picture

This event will provide an update on the workings of the current regulatory regime, outline recent changes and reflect on experiences to date.

York, UK Registration Open for Plant Protection Products and Active Substances
8th December 2016

Operator, Resident / Bystander and Worker Exposure Workshop

This course will provide training and updated guidance relating to the assessment of exposure to operators, residents / bystanders and workers in risk assessment for plant protection products.

York, UK Registration Open for Operator, Resident / Bystander and Worker Exposure Workshop
15th December 2016
17th January 2017

Pesticides: EU Classification and Labelling of Plant Protection Products

This event will cover the systems and criteria introduced by the Regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (CLP Regulation; EC/1272/2008) and its significance for the suppliers of plant protection products. The potential for closer integration of activities managed respectively by the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) will be discussed.

York, UK To follow shortly
18th January 2017
14th February 2017

Workshop on the Physicochemical Properties and Storage Stability Requirements for Pesticide Products under Regulation EC 1107/2009

A one day workshop aimed at providing training on data requirements for the EU approval of active substances and their plant protection products regarding the identity, the physicochemical properties and methods of analysis under Regulation EC 1107/2009. The event will cover new legislation and data requirements, with particular emphasis on the revised guidance document produced by CRD for thegeneration of data on the physical, chemical and technical properties of plant protection products under Regulation EC 1107/2009. The event will be designed specifically for technical and regulatory staff involved in the production and submission of data to CRD.

York, UK To follow shortly
16th February 2017
8th/9th March 2017

Two Day Consumer Risk Assessment Workshop

This two day workshop is aimed at providing training and the latest guidance on consumer risk assessment for pesticides. The guidance will focus on the appropriate use of residue values in conducting assessments and the use of risk assessment models. The workshop will include presentations and practical workshops covering consumer related issues of current and emerging interest. The suggested audience would be registration specialists involved in the preparation and submission of dossiers and applications to CRD.

York, UK To follow shortly

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