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Health and Safety Leadership Excellence


Are you truly leading on health and safety?

Analysis of major incidents such as Buncefield, Texas City, and Deep Water Horizon shows that failures of leadership are a common underlying factor.

The course that leaders set for an organisation and the influence they have over their staff should not be underestimated. When incidents occur, the regulatory investigation will look at responsibilities well beyond the immediate aftermath and this can have serious repercussions at board level.


What is leadership in the health and safety context?

The way we lead has significant influence on our organisations.
Where we put our effort; the sincerity of what we say; the authenticity of our actions - all of these paint a picture that reveals our underlying attitude.
Do your positive words and intentions always match your actions?
Consistent leadership excellence contributes to outstanding organisational health and safety performance, and answers the questions:

  • What does it mean to lead?
  • Does my organisation have a consistent approach to health and safety leadership?
  • Am I confident in my ability to lead others to achieve health and safety cultural excellence?
  • What does it take to be an effective, inspirational and competent leader for health and safety?
  • How can I reflect on my own leadership style and my organisation towards becoming an exemplar?

Leadership excellence delivers measureable benefits

As a result of working with us your leaders will:

  • recognise the importance of leadership for improving health and safety performance, and their legal responsibilities as a leader
  • know what influences decision making processes and subsequent behaviours
  • understand HSL's model for effective health and safety leadership
  • be able to reflect on their own health and safety leadership style (strengths and development areas).
  • be aware of the importance of getting out and about often enough and at the right time.
  • discover how asking the right questions about the right things in the right way can enhance health and safety performance.
  • appreciate the impact of leadership on team cohesion and functioning, in particular the importance of effective interpersonal skills.

How can I achieve leadership excellence?

As frontrunners in the field of health and safety leadership research, HSL can help you at every step of your journey to leadership excellence.

Our Health and Safety Leadership Excellence Model, encompassess the distinct values and competencies that make an effective Health and Safety Leader,  covering four key areas:

  • Me as a health and safety leader
  • My organisation's risk profile
  • Human strengths and limitations in health and safety performance
  • Team performance for health and safety

Working with us through each of these factors, and examining both yourself and your colleagues, enables you to assess and identify areas for improvement.


How HSL can help YOU

HSL's team of organisational performance experts can:

  • help you understand the roles and responsibilities of leaders in line with current regulation
  • help you develop your individual skills as health and safety leaders
  • help you in driving a consistent approach to health and safety leadership within your business


Improving your approach to leadership and working towards excellence is a behaviour change challenge that HSL's psychologists can support you with.
As a result of our research and experience we thoroughly understand leadership issues, and are very familiar with the supporting scientific knowledge in this area. We offer:

Health and Safety Leadership Excellence Masterclass

The first stage for leaders looking to improve is a masterclass delivered in-house to your senior team. We work with you to understand your leadership style, helping you to identify which style is the most appropriate for you and for your company.

You will leave the Masterclass with an understanding of how to enhance your own leadership skills, influence the leadership skills of others and, by demonstrating good health and safety leadership, positively influence your organisation's health and safety culture.

Individual Leader Coaching

Having completed the masterclass, if you wish to take your approach to health and safety leadership to the next level, our involvement can be tailored to the developmental needs of individual leaders. We have found this is most effective when done through one-to-one coaching sessions.

Organisational Leadership Assessment

If you feel confident in your leadership team and approach, but would like an independent expert review, we can undertake a leadership excellence assessment.
We do this by looking at performance indicators, outcome from staff survey or Safety Climate Tool assessments, and by speaking directly to staff using structured interviews and/or focus groups.
We will analyse the collected data and provide an executive report on the key findings, highlighting any areas for further improvement.
Comparing this output with the Senior Team's perceptions can be reassuring or, in some cases, enlightening.


Get in touch:

If you would like to discuss with one of our organisational performance experts, please contact Jane Hopkinson or 0203 028 2008


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